Curated Sauce Labs Helm Charts

Popular applications, provided by Sauce Labs, ready to launch on Kubernetes using Kubernetes Helm.


To work with this repository the following tools are required:

Install Chart

To add Sauce Labs curated Helm charts to your repo list just run:

$ helm repo add saucelabs
$ helm search repo saucelabs
$ helm install my-release saucelabs/<chart>

Here is an example on how to install the Sauce Connect chart:

Installing a chart


To add a new repository or run a chart locally, you first need to clone the repo:

$ git clone
$ cd charts

The Makefile contains commands to install each chart in this repository:

$ make install chart=<chart-name> # e.g. `$ make install chart=sauce-connect`
# or just dry run
$ make dry-run chart=sauce-connect

Update Chart Docs

The of every chart is automatically generated. If you change default values in the chart or update a chart version please update the docs with the following command:

$ make docs

Note: the pipeline will fail if docs weren’t updated.