Sauce Labs Open Source Documentation

The following documents are primarily intended for Saucers - but will also serve as a reference by anyone else - on how to adopt, modify and release open source code

This content is mostly inspired by Zalando’s Open Source documentation. Please consider this as a guideline instead of a how-to, as Sauce Labs operates in a unique way and we have our own engineering culture. To understand more about companies deeply involved in open source, we recommend checking out the TODO Group.


  • Approval guide for managers As a manager at Sauce Labs, you will from time to time be asked by your direct reports if they can make an internal codebase an open source project.
  • Contributing to Open Source Participation in open source projects is highly encouraged, and the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) wants to make this process as simple as possible.
  • Open Source Licensing Guide Policies and guidance on which licenses can be used at Sauce Labs, both internally and in open source projects hosted under a Sauce Labs managed GitHub organization.
  • Releasing a new Open Source project Here you can see all the steps that describe how Saucers can release a new open source project.

If any of this documentation is unclear, misleading or in error, please reach out to the Open Source team at Sauce Labs.