Sauce Connect Proxy 5.x.x Helm Chart

With Sauce Connect Helm chart you can easily run Sauce Connect Proxy version 5 in Kubernetes.


The repo contains a reference Helm chart. It can be used to deploy the Sauce Connect Proxy to Kubernetes.

To use this chart:

Define a required values file, for example:

  region: us-west
  username: johndoe
  access-key: "xxx-xxx-xxx"
  tunnel-name: "my-k8s-tunnel"

For more information about the configuration options, see the sc run command reference.

Install the Helm chart

helm repo add saucelabs https://opensource.saucelabs.com/helm-charts
helm install sauce-connect  saucelabs/sauce-connect --values /path/to/values.yaml --set config.tunnel-name=your-pool-name --set tunnelPoolSize=2

Application logs

Use the following commands in order to get the application logs:

kubectl logs -l "app.kubernetes.io/name=sauce-connect" --tail -1 -f

The output should look like this:

2023/10/04 17:19:53 [tunnel] [INFO] established connection to Sauce Connect server active=1/2
2023/10/04 17:19:54 [tunnel] [INFO] established connection to Sauce Connect server active=2/2
2023/10/04 17:19:54 [control] [INFO] Sauce Connect is up, you may start your tests

Pod restart

The terminationGracePeriodSeconds is set to 600 seconds to allow sufficient time for jobs using the Sauce Connect Proxy to finish. It is recommended to adjust this value according to your tests typical duration.