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A Java client for Sauce Labs REST API.

Currently, this client only support the endpoints listed here.

With version 2.x of SauceREST we have made code-breaking changes to this wrapper. It has been updated to be more future-proof and to also support the newest APIs from Sauce Labs.

This is going to be continuous process which means we will release changes to SauceREST over time.

If a function you’re after isn’t supported, we suggest either shelling out and using the curl version, or sending a pull request! Contribution Details Here.

How to use

Creating a client object ```java SauceREST sauceREST = new SauceREST("username", "access-key", DataCenter.EU_CENTRAL); ```


Name Type Details
username String (required) Your sauce labs username
access-key String (required) Your sauce labs accesskey
data_center String or DataCenter (required) One of US_WEST, EU_CENTRAL

Code examples

The best way to find out how to use this library is to look at the tests. They are located in the src/test/java directory. Especially the integration tests will provide you with a good overview of how to use this library.


        <version>LATEST VERSION</version>

For latest version please check the following link: click.


Check out our contribution guide here for details.

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