testcafe-reporter-prometheus-multi test

Prometheus reporter for TestCafe allowing for alerts based on multiple suite executions across time.


$ npm install --save-exact --save-dev testcafe-reporter-prometheus-multi



Specify the reporter in your TestCafe config, e.g.

reporter: [
		"name": "prometheus-multi",
		"output": "report.txt"

Use option -r prometheus-multi:report.txt if you’re running TestCafe from command line.

Labeling tests

The reporter makes use of fixtures’ and testsmeta.app and meta.owner. If app or owner is not specified for a test, the meta from the fixture is used.

Example fixture with correct meta tags

fixture('My fixture')
    app: 'my-app',
    owner: 'me',

test('some test about my-app', async (testcafe) => {

test.meta({ app: 'someone-elses-app' })('a test about someone-elses-app', async (testcafe) => {

test.meta({ app: 'someone-elses-app', owner: 'someone-else' })('a test about someone-elses-app with a different owner', async (testcafe) => {

For more information, refer to TestCafe documentation.

Sending data to Prometheus

The easiest way to send the report to Prometheus, is via Pushgateway. Just curl the report file to the Pushgateway endpoint:

curl --data-binary @report.txt http://address.of/pushgateway

Output format

The aim of this project is for the report format to be compatible with Prometheus data model. Output contains the number of passed, skipped and failed tests for every combination of app and owner from the test suite.

Metric names (e2e_passed_tests, e2e_skipped_tests, e2e_failed_tests) are hardcoded, because TestCafe doesn’t provide an option to pass any parameters to the reporter. If you need to use different metric names, you’ll have to fork the project and create a new node.js package.


# HELP e2e_passed_tests Passed tests
# TYPE e2e_passed_tests gauge
e2e_passed_tests{app="my-app",owner="me"} 1
e2e_passed_tests{app="someone-elses-app",owner="someone-else"} 1
e2e_passed_tests{app="my-app",owner="someone-else"} 1

# HELP e2e_skipped_tests Skipped tests
# TYPE e2e_skipped_tests gauge
e2e_skipped_tests{app="my-app",owner="me"} 0
e2e_skipped_tests{app="someone-elses-app",owner="someone-else"} 0
e2e_skipped_tests{app="my-app",owner="someone-else"} 0

# HELP e2e_failed_tests Failed tests
# TYPE e2e_failed_tests gauge
e2e_failed_tests{app="my-app",owner="me"} 1
e2e_failed_tests{app="someone-elses-app",owner="someone-else"} 0
e2e_failed_tests{app="my-app",owner="someone-else"} 1


Use NPM link command to make this package available for use on your local machine.

First, link this package to your global node_modules folder:

cd /path/to/testcafe-reporter-prometheus-multi
npm install
npm link

Then, go to your project with the test suite and link the package from the global folder:

cd /path/to/your-project-with-tests
npm link testcafe-reporter-prometheus-multi # or your changed package name


Why is the name so long?

TestCafe requires all reporters to have testcafe-reporter- prefix, and testcafe-reporter-prometheus is already taken.

Can I customize the metric names?

No, TestCafe currently doesn’t offer a possibility to pass parameters to reporters, but you can always fork the project.