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Run tests on your infrastructure and see the results in Sauce Labs#

Start a Selenium Grid in seconds! Run your tests, and visualize your test results in the Sauce Labs dashboard.

Without any extra configuration needed, test results include screenshots, logs, and videos.

Sauce To Go builds on top docker-selenium to run your tests on Firefox, Edge, or Chrome. When tests complete, Sauce To Go uploads all screenshots, logs and videos to Sauce Labs. You will be able to see tests results after logging into your Sauce Labs account.

Ready to try Sauce To Go? Head to Getting Started and let us know what you think!


It is hard to manage test logs and videos#

docker-selenium is great to run a Selenium Grid that records videos out of the box. Yet, it is not easy to manage, store and visualize all the generated files after executing tests. We all want a good-looking test results dashboard!

Missing analytics and insights#

Test results provide big amounts of invaluable data that can answer important questions. Which tests are failing often? What trends can I see in my tests? What is my slowest test?

We need a clear Analytics and Insights dashboard to help us understand how our tests behave.

Sharing test results and bug reporting#

We work in teams, we collaborate with people. Sharing test results with our team will us to understand our application status. Yet, getting all the files needed to share a test result or to create a bug report can be challenging.

Test results should be in a central and secure place. This allows us to share them under the right permissions or to create a Jira bug report with a single click.


  • Generate more valuable test results to help users understand their application status
  • Get value from test results data through Sauce Labs Insights and Analytics
  • Offer users a single view for all executed tests, either on their infrastructure or on Sauce Labs


Sauce To Go is an experiment created by the Sauce Labs Open Source Program Office.

We're here for you if you have questions.

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